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Vero+Dan // Bate’s Barn Wedding

A few days ago I was sitting in my rocking chair holding my sleeping babe when a little sliver of moonlight illuminated his sweet eyelashes as they rested on flushed cherub cheeks, and I decided I wasn’t quite ready to give him over to his inviting crib.  So I held him a little longer just breathing in his sweetness and snuggled in to get caught up on instagram. As I scrolled, I saw a sweet picture from Vero and Dan’s wedding, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t yet taken the chance to share a full post with you from their beautiful wedding day.

That beautiful, crisp fall day, I knew magic was going to happen; we were going to photograph Vero and Dan against the perfect backdrop of fall colours, and Bates Barn against the most expansive and bluest of cerulean skies.  Vero and Dan’s day was a beautiful mix of kindness, connection, and rustic elegance that felt liked the perfect mash up of “bridal magazine meets modern fairytale” and I am pretty sure my face was aching from smiling the entire day.

There are so many noteworthy things I could share with you from the incredible and oh so fun bridal crew: the stunning florals, the incredible decor, the perfect setting, the band, the planning skills of the bride and her talented mother-in-love, but above all I love the way Vero and Dan looked at each other the whole day.  How Dan’s hand would find Vero’s and how every once and a while he would give her hand in his a little squeeze or a reassuring kiss.  Their day was perfection; you could tell how much love and respect they shared  for each other, and it was a joy to see them promise each other their forevers in front of the their beloved friends and family.




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