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“I hated him the first time I met him” Vanessa said with laughing eyes after I asked how she and Patrick met and fell in love.  The first time their paths crossed was during a trip to St. FX;  they were part of a group of individuals in contest for a scholarship.  The group attended a chemistry class together (and although there could be a good play on words for budding chemistry between them….that was not the case).  Vanessa, the brilliant mind that she is, was answering the questions that the prof was asking, but she wasn’t speaking loud enough for him to hear her.  Patrick was taking her quiet answers and saying them louder and looking pretty good in front of the class.   Patrick got the scholarship…and Vanessa’s contempt.  Luckily, Patrick declined the scholarship and the two both ended up at Dal; both having forgotten about the earlier incident.  Their paths continued to cross and these two became smitten after sharing multiple cups of java.

I can’t begin to describe how endearing these two are.  I have never laughed so much during an engagement shoot as I did with them that day.  Between their stellar puns, their cuteness, and their parting line of “we hug pregnant people”, I can safely say I am pretty much in love with them : )

Thanks for a wonderful engagement shoot Pat and Vanessa; Matt and I look forward to shooting your wedding!

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