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Vanessa+Ben // Cocagne Wedding

While the wind whipped, and hues of dark blue and grey painted the cloud-filled sky, the dim day could do nothing to diminish the bright and cheerful mood inside a cozy cottage in Cocagne.  The girls were buzzing with excitement, smiles, laughter a few happy tears as they prepared for the ceremony; and as each detail of the day was revealed, you could see how much hope, happiness and love was put into the whole wedding.  

Vanessa and Ben are so sweet and genuinely swoon-worthily in love. Through their entire ceremony I melted a little: from the moment Vanessa walked in, Ben was overtaken with emotion, as the wedding progressed they would give each other little hand squeezes of encouragement; they weren’t afraid to sneak a quick kiss, and Vanessa adorably adjusted Ben’s bow tie; but my absolute favourite was the way Ben looked at Vanessa the whole day.  I would catch him just looking at her adoringly during the ceremony; he would sneak a glance, and you could tell he was awed by her beauty and so happy to be marrying her.   The rest of the day he kept it up, sneaking these sweet looks at his bride, and it did my overly mushy and romantic heart good – I can just tell you, Vanessa, that you are and will be so extremely well loved!!

Not only were these two adorable and so in love and easy to photograph, but they also braved freezing weather and hurricane-like winds, bravely hugging and smiling through the whole thing!! You two are just treasures. We loved your wedding, and we loved photographing the two of you. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and blessings for an amazing marriage Vanessa and Ben!!  ~Chera

Photographer : Yorke Photography 
Makeup Artist : Bastarache Beauty
Hair Stylist : Mila Beauty Salon
Bouquet / Flowers : Imagination Decor
Wedding Dress : Morilee
Decorator : Imagination Decor
Cake : Little Cakes by Monique
Live Band : Big Party Band



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