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Daryl and Sarah are going to get married a week from today and are going to grow old together. Daryl is going to share his big smile with Sarah, and she is going to wrap her arms around one of his, the way she does.  They will share stories, laughter, long hospital shifts, silence, happiness, life.

As we were shooting these engagement photos and attempting to capture all the cuteness that was going on, Daryl looked at the skyline and said “is that the hospital where they took me?” Sarah nodded.  Some years ago, he had been in a car accident, and it had been bad. She talked about that time; that time she realized she loved him and that she might not have a chance to tell him.

Sarah, we are so glad that you had the chance to tell him, and that you’ll get the chance next week to tell him again, in the forever kind of way.

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  • Dee Kohler - July 22, 2011 - 6:55 pm

    Hi guys, your photography is wonderful- clear, colorful and full of life. Daryl used to be in my sunday school class and I knew his family very well. I just happened upon this site because I also know Ryan McMullin, and there was Daryl! So cool! Anyways, keep up the great work. I’m just starting to do photos for money so it’s all pretty knew to me, but I love this layout for a website. >dee

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