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Our Canvas

Matthew, thank you so much for the canvas print on our living room wall.  It is tangible proof of our love.  It proves more than the smile I gave to you in our wedding photo upstairs, the one where I easily look up at you with such youth, and promise and sweetness.

This canvas is in the tones we love, printed by your uncle and stretched onto a deep wooden frame by your farther’s craftsman hands.  The image was taken after four years of marriage, five years of running a business together, two (and a half) university degrees, one beautiful pregnancy, an incredible birth, and 16 months of sleep-blearied, happy-eyed parenthood. In this photograph you show your steadfastness, one hand holding onto the trolley, the other supportive hand on my lower back, you are leaning in to kiss me, which I appreciate so much more now that I truly know you and your dislike of showing affection publicly. You are perfectly you in your black shirt and your handsome grin, and there we are in love, about to kiss, our love still magical, still evident.

We had thought about printing a photo for a long time….years, and we could never decide, and then you surprised me, and printed it and placed it on on our wall.  I saw it from outside as I was coming back from a night out with girlfriends. I stopped mid. sentence. and ran in the house to kiss you.  It was beautiful and right in the heart of our home. I look at it often.  When we are happy and snuggling on the love seat, when I have just spoken too harshly to you after a long day, When I see you dance with our tutu clad daughter to her favourite song,  when I am dusting or daydreaming. The picture reminds me that no matter what event, or stress, or decision comes our way we are a team.  I look at that image, and I know we are ok, we are more than ok…we were and are in love!

photo credit to Patrick O’Conner

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