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My heart was a bit tight in my chest as I wondered, “What if we drive an hour to the shoot and it down pours? what if the wind wrecks her hair? what if we disappoint these two amazing people with photos ruined by bad weather?! what if the light dies before we get to the beach?”….and then we met up with this incredible couple who were all smiles, ready for an evening on the water with snacks and wine, and magic happened as one of my most favourite summer nights unfolded.
These photos came about because Milene and Randy were brave despite the ominous clouds earlier in the day, and the whipping wind they decided to go for their engagement shoot.  We went with the plan of going boating to the dunes, one of this lovely couple’s favourite spots in the world and come what may, we would have a photo adventure!
Milene, Randy and their crew were up for anything and when Matt pointed out the spot he thought would be photogenic, they went with it. We had so much fun shooting, we were forced out of our creative box (I [Chera] even tried off camera lighting). We were inspired by these two and their love, and we had one of the most invigorating and incredible nights of the summer and one of our most favourite shoots ever!  When we were coming home, we had no idea what we had gotten photographically, but we had all worked like a team, and I think the final product blew us all away.  I guess I can sum up my ramblings with a thank you- Milene and Randy, you chose to go for it to see where the water would take us and to trust that that it would all be worth it, you saw the clouds as a gift of an awesome backdrop – if this is how you two weather storms together, I know you’ll have an incredible adventure together in life!!

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