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Madeleine+Luc // Married

The morning started splendidly with sweet notes of encouragement from Madeleine’s bridesmaids, and the encouragement continued with hugs, hand holds and excited laughter as girls enjoyed the morning preparation. The getting ready continued to be so much fun as Madeleine opened her present from Luc (he had written a beautiful, tear -inducing card and given her the gift of choosing a puppy).  The day had just begun and already it held so many beautiful moments, one of my favourites was just after Madeleine got ready she walked down the stairs as her Dads and brother and bridesmaids looked on and the tears of pride and joy were palpable (and may I just say the way her brother helped with the dress and hold the train was incredibly sweet).  After taking some beautiful bridals we made our way to the church and the ceremony was perfect. From Luc’s tears at seeing his bride, and the way that Madeleine and Luc smiled and looked at each other through the ceremony, to the most breathtaking rendition of Ave Marie that I had ever heard, their ceremony was a joyous and truly beautiful celebration of their forever promise.

For the group photos and couple shots were were met with the most vibrant cornflower blue sky, a gentle stippling of clouds and the most gentle and romantic fall sunlight I have ever seen!  I loved the way Mad & Luc were up for heading off the path when we saw beautiful light streaming through the trees, and they didn’t bat an eye when I suggested throwing her train in the air to catch the wind!  They were so sweet and romantic with one another, and it is so obvious that they are best friends.

The sweetness continued as we stopped in with the couple to see their beautiful reception room,  They were so happy with Unico Decor’s beautiful work and as they looked around the room they were so happy with how the vision for the day unfolded. Then Madeleine stopped by the table where her family would sit and gently placed a hand on one of the empty chairs, Luc had a knowing look in his eye and made his way to place his hand on the small of her back and he bowed his head on hers; the chair was placed  in memory of Madeline’s mother who had passed away it was a beautiful way to honour her memory and show their would always be a place held in their hearts for her.  Luc never had the chance to meet Madeleine’s mother, but I know she would be happy to see her daughter so well loved and so incredibly happy to have found a man like you, Luc!

Madeleine and Luc, I have written and rewritten this post so many times because I so wanted to capture the beauty and magic of your wedding with words, and just so you know, my smile hurt the day after your wedding because all of the love and joy that filled the day!! You two are wonderful, and we count you as friends; it is truly an honour to have captured this beautiful time in your life! Wishing you a happy anniversary!!

I love how Matthew caught the reflection of her dress in a mirror as she read her letter from Luc!

This guitar made such  a neat guest book; Luc used to sing and play it every night over the phone to Madeleine when they were dating (how cute is that)!!

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