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Laura+Mitch //maternity//

Laura and Mitch won our Valentines day Facebook contest; I had asked how our Facebook fans spent their Valentines with their loved one.  Laura commented and said that she and Mitch spent Valentines day putting together furniture in their baby “to be” Luke’s room.  This made me smile and tear up a little because I know what a beautiful time Mitch and Laura are in, I know the excitement and anticipation of waiting for baby.  I knew that I chose the right couple for the shoot as soon as I met them.  I loved that when I asked them to look closely at each other for a photo, Mitch leaned in for a kiss, it shows that for him that is just a normal thing to do when the love of his life is so near.

I am also glad it rained and instead of taking photos outside we got do the photos in Luke’s room. I am glad because the room shows their heart and how much they already love this little boy.

When we were taking pictures of Laura in the rocking chair, Mitch was looking at her with so much love.  He told us that one of the cutest moments of this pregnancy was when he found Laura in Luke’s room,  rocking in her grandmother’s rocking chair, holding her belly.  She looked up and said to Mitch”I just wanted to rock him.”

Laura and Mitch you two are adorable, and we were lucky to meet you and honoured that you let us into your home to capture this moment in your life.  Luke is a lucky little man!!

Mitch found these vintage school readers when he was 19 and carried them around with him thinking he would be able to use them someday (how cute is that?).  I think this book mobile was the perfect use!

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