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He just knew. He knew that he loved her, he knew before she did, and he was patient.

They were driving together one night, and he mentioned that he had liked her for some time, but that he was so glad they could be friends and just “be” together, and as they were driving it finally clicked.  Krystle realized that this guy, this wonderful guy sitting beside her was truly amazing, and if she wanted to be with him she was going to have to start letting him know.  She started texting him and visiting him at the fire station, but Adam was a bit confused by her sudden attention.  Adam’s niece took Krystle aside and said, “you have to throw him a bone, let him know what you really think”.  Krystle asked if he would get the “bone” reference and quickly made a plan!  That day, she went to a feed store and bought the biggest bone she could buy, took it to his house, laid it on his pillow with a note telling how much she liked him, and so it was that they began dating!

He knew right away he loved her and told her as much, and she knew that she loved him but wasn’t quite ready to say the words. In his patient way, Adam told her once a day and only once a day that he loved her so she wouldn’t feel pressure to say it before she was ready.  Again, one day when they were driving, she said, “Adam, I love your hands, I love your arms…. I just love you” and she had said it; she hadn’t meant to but it just welled up inside of her and spilled out.

Krystle and Adam, I am so happy you have found each other, found a deep friendship, and incredible love.  I can’t wait to see you both marry your best friend!!! You are so great for one another!

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  • Sandi Tattersall - June 22, 2013 - 6:58 pm

    So glad for you guys. Great engagement photos. Very creative.

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