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Guest blog // The Style Coach // how to choose bridesmaid dresses

I love that during the wintertime we have more time for fun photo projects and collaboration with awesome wedding vendors in Moncton.  A few weeks ago I asked the incredible Renee Martin aka the Style Coach to think about guest blogging about how to choose bridesmaids dresses -she immediately agreed and the project began!  We teamed up with Bella Promessa who provided the beautiful gowns, the amazing Annie Grondin (who is sweet, talented, and just wonderful to be around), and Unico Decor even provided beautiful bouquets for us!! Our work project ended up feeling a lot like playing dress up and with the triple threat of Bella’s dresses, Annie’s make up and The Style Coach’s know how, I ended up feeling like a Mom-shell : )  Special thanks to our occasional associate photographer Stephanie from (WildFlower Photography) who took photos of the group and I (as I didn’t think a selfie would cut it)!  ~ Chera

On to Renee’s wonderful advice and our bridesmaid dress shoot: 


Remember the time when bridesmaid dresses were all about empire waists and puffy cap sleeves?  You know, the kind that matched not only the bridal bouquet, but also the cummerbund, table linen and balloons?  Back in the day, selection was very limited; and everyone was expected to wear the same dress whether it looked good on them or not.  Nowadays, bridal boutiques carry a larger variety of dresses in all colours, shapes and sizes to accommodate every modern woman; and this month, The Style Coach has teamed up with Bella Promessa to help you find the perfect bridesmaid dresses that will make your friends love you forever.

Honouring different body types  

Choosing the right dress is just as important as choosing the right bridal party.  They complement different parts of you; no body is the same.  So why should your bridesmaid dresses be?   The promise of a flattering silhouette will assure comfort while assisting you on your special day and ensure confidence every step of the way.

Colour matters

Colours are an expression of personal style.  Flashy tones may have been appropriate for prom night, but you may want to think twice before spreading the sunshine yellow at your evening celebration.  It is always best to choose a colour that will complement your group, the venue and chosen theme, all while staying true to your style.  For instance, neon green should be kept for a tropical ceremony, red for a Christmas event, and pastels for outdoor celebrations; catch my drift?  The key is to honour your vision with the right shades of class to achieve the right tone of elegance.

The length

Does length really matter?  The answer to that is yes, with a capital Y!   Keeping in mind the time and location of your wedding will help to make this decision with ease.  Tea length dresses can be worn at teatime, hence, in the afternoon in a casual setting; full-length dresses always look best on an evening stage.  However, either can be worn at any time of day as long as the colour and fabric of the dress correspond with the location.  For example, bright, satin, cocktail dresses seem like the perfect choice for a young, fun, beach wedding; want a more soft, whimsical feel instead; opt for long, pastel, chiffon dresses that will dance in the warm summer breeze.

Everyone’s childhood dream of the perfect wedding is unique and so are the ladies who will be standing by your side.  Whether your dream is one of deep purple vintage lace for an evening fit for Gatsby, a field of cherry blossoms and fuchsia chiffon in a blooming garden, or pastel tulle on the seaside shore, make it one that will forever be timeless and that you will love for years to come.

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