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Goodbye Friends!

I am not very good at goodbyes, my family moved around a lot when I was growing up, so I usually just deal with farewell’s by  pretending nothing at all happened.  I was doing a pretty good job of this after our great friends Erin and Devon moved away. I was in denial. I think I had subconsciously told myself they were on vacation.  Then in the mail the sweetest gift and a card arrived.  My wonderful friend Erin had found the most beautiful little porcelain children’s tea set for Anna, and written a sweet little note; that is when a few pesky tears blurred my vision, and I realized –I miss them – I really miss them.

Devon and Erin you are always welcome in our home and in our lives, we can’t wait for your visits and road trips to visit you, and I am counting down the days till you come back to the East Coast!!!

Here are a few shots from the stylized shoot we did last year, where Erin and Devon were gracious enough to be our models; more pictures and info on the shoot can be seen here:

f a c e b o o k