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When she held her bouquet for the first time, she smiled and said, “that smell reminds me of all the flowers he has ever given me”.  He always gets her Lilies, and it seemed even their familiar scent set her at ease and made her even more excited to see him.  Erin and John had a gorgeous day mixed with sun and clouds – their ceremony was full of meaningful moments and heartfelt words.  I want to share the words they spoke to each other during their ceremony – I thought them poignant and beautiful, and they brought me to tears.


Loves me. Lets me pick the channel. Makes me dinner.

Loves games and is competitive. Knows how to make tea

just the way I like it. Watches baseball with me and puts up

with my crushes on the Blue Jays players. Laughs at how

much I love Peter Mansbridge. Makes me laugh so hard my

belly hurts. Has beautiful blue eyes. Watches movies on

airplanes that he knows I won’t want to see. Kisses my

forehead. Loves kids and will be a great father. Is incredibly

smart. Loves long walks with no destination. Adores his

family and friends. Makes me happy. Loves to travel the

world. Teaches me Spanish. Always carries the heavy items

in his pack when we go hiking. Gives good advice. Is great

with finances. Always lets me have the last bite of dessert. Is

my best friend.



Is amazing. Has the prettiest eyes. Is unbelievably

considerate. Makes me laugh. Puts up with my

shenanigans. Is a cleaning machine. Is an excellent

cuddler. Makes the best blueberry pies. Is beautiful. Is

adventurous. Can find the best deal on anything. Always

puts a lot of effort into whatever she is doing. Is

extremely organized. Helps me find things when I lose

them. Comes up with great ideas of things to do. Is an

amazing geologist. Is always the best at her job, whatever

it is. Will try almost anything that I want to do. Loves to

travel with me. Takes care of maps/GPS/navigation. Loves

helping people. Will be an excellent mother.

f a c e b o o k