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Customer Appreciation Winner Announced

In honour of reaching our 1000 Facebook fan milestone we decided to giveaway a 20X30 canvas to one of our wonderful clients. We are so happy to work with some of the most wonderful people you will ever meet and we love every minute of capturing sweet and special moments in their lives.

We had some absolutely beautiful submissions that remind us why we do what we do. Thank you to everyone who entered we were incredibly touched by your kind words.

Below are some of our beautiful submissions and the bottom of the post is our winning entry!

This is one of my favorite pictures that you have taken for us. You took it of our son William. Our William is not able to talk and they can’t figure out why yet despite months of therapy and consults, but seeing the joy and happiness on his face we know all his thoughts. This is our happy boy. His beautiful blue eyes with the blue background speak volumes to us even though his mouth isn’t. Thanks for capturing our beautiful happy boy that we adore more than life itself.

This little girl is the love of our lives, an angel from heaven, a joy we thank God for every single day.  And to think we had been told she would never be possible. Thank you for capturing her sweetness so well!

While we probably have more visually stunning wedding photos, this is my favorites because you captured the overwhelming emotion of the moment perfectly.  I don’t think I have ever been so full of happiness, joy or nerves (especially simultaneously!) and you caught it.  Hooray for “first looks”!

There are so many beautiful pictures you have taken of the most important times in our lives…but this is one of the best candid pictures I have ever seen! And it sums up my family very well!

This is my favourite pic that you took, I think, of our wedding. There was tons of great ones to pic from, but I think this is my favourite because it is really unique, as well it looks like a whirl pool is going to pull us under if we let go of each other.

Not only do we like this photo because of the personal history of the place, but also because of the skill you both had in capturing the moment despite the challenges of location. It’s the best. Our favourite. A perfect reminder that snapshots of memories bring us back instantly to that initial moment–when the beauty was born.

I love everything about this picture of Alex and I. It makes me feel happy and loved every time I see it!

We LOVE this photo from our Wedding because it is so unique, eye catching and captured my handmade veil beautifully!

This photo encompasses so many things about John and I – our love of the outdoors and the beach, and clearly our love for each other. The expression on our faces perfectly captures how we were feeling at that moment: so incredibly happy, in love and completely relaxed after the ceremony. I also love that this photo isn’t just a regular shot, with us smiling at the camera; it almost seems like we didn’t even know you were both there capturing the moment.


My favourite photo was taken at your first maternity shoot.  Having that moment of my pregnancy captured was remarkably special to me as felt so alone most of the time. I can look back now and remember how incredible it was to have a living being growing inside me. Since I had no one (no partner) to document this miracle, your photos are a treasured memory.  Thank you.

Sue and I have been best friends since we were tots. She’s the calm to my crazy and the sister I never had. This was taken in co-ordinance with my grad pics. I couldn’t imagine achieving another milestone without having her by my side.

We could not have asked for better photographers for our wedding day!  Each and every picture brings back beautiful memories of the people and places that made that day special.  It was hard to pick just one!  I think this picture is my favourite of the two of us.  Ryan’s smile is beautifully natural–a difficult task for an admittedly not so photogenic guy!  I feel like this picture captures how happy we are together, both then and still now.  Thanks Matt and Chera!

David and myself, sitting on the steps of the of YMCA – because we love each other and you go it in print.

All alone in the forest with bright green colors all around and the sun peaking in. A quiet, yet majestic looking moment as we gaze solemnly into each other eyes, completely happy and content.

This is our absolute favourite photo taken at our wedding!  Why we love this picture? We love the way you used the water to help capture a “magical” moment on the most special day of our lives. We will be able to look back at this photo for years to come and remember the true feeling of our wedding day.

Our favorite photo is the one of Maeve being held in Shane’s hands. It reminds us of how little and cuddly she was. For me it depicts the father daughter bond which was already rooted as she nested in his hands so beautifully, she continues to be most cuddly with him.

We absolutely love this picture. Since we were going to be seeing each other before the ceremony, when you guys proposed this it felt like the perfect way to do the “reveal”.  The playful nature of the picture, totally embodies who we are as people and as a couple. Plus we look awesome!
We have a lot of favourites from our shoot with Yorke Photography, but this one photo has so much special detail for us. We love the light and the shadows on the deck, the way the sun is streaming across the lens, and the rich, vibrant colour. Looking at this photo reminds us of all the great moments on our special day with family.
Back in 2009, I wish I could have just paused time and stay like that forever with my husband.  This was the last picture of Herman and I before he shipped off to California for 2 months, followed by 7 months in Afghanistan.  Our first year of marriage, which he missed our first anniversary, we only saw each other for 3 months.  I continually looked at this picture to remind me of the love we had and it helped me get through the hardest year of my life.
I love that it was the last picture we took – that we almost didn’t take – so glad we did!! and it ended up being so beautiful. This picture basically sums up our day – feeling like the world melted away and for this moment it was just us.
The umbrella in the rain it is just so her. You captured her so well.
I would have to say that my favorite picture that you have taken of Christian and me is from our engagement session—by the marsh at his parent’s home. Getting bitten numerous times by mosquitoes, and still being able to smile because my fiancé (husband) is there embracing me! It was probably the most natural feeling that you could have captured, and you did it!
We absolutely loved our wedding pictures taken just over 3 year ago, but this picture is one that I love because the colors are so vivid and it shows us simply enjoying each other.
We love the one of us standing at the winery and you guys used the funky flash. Dave and I have weathered  a lot of storms in our lives before we met and in the picture it is like the storms are passing and God was bringing us together and you can see the clouds lifting and the silver lining starting to shine through.
And the randomly selected winner is…
You took so many beautiful wedding photos. Some were dorky (like us!), some were emotion-filled, but the love shown in this picture is the kind that endures beyond the honeymoon phase, beyond our dorky antics. We’re just calmly and peacefully secure in our love. We owe you so much for taking these photos. They were more than we ever imagined they would be!
Thank you again to all of our clients. You are beautiful both inside and out.
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