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I asked Anne a few questions about pregnancy and about being a Mom and her response was so sweet, I wanted to share it with you!

Here are a few of her thoughts about being a Mom:

Chera your questions are TOUGH! ha ha!! But I answered them the best I could!!:-)

First, my favourite part of my pregnancy was definitely feeling Lex move…I remember exactly where I was the first time I felt him move, I started crying and called Rock immediately…:) I thought I would get “used” to it..well I never did..:) Every time I felt him during my pregnancy, my heart was smiling and I think to myself, this will NEVER get old! Often I would lay in bed, and just stay there for hours!:)

Of all the things I could have craved during my pregnancy, the one thing I couldn’t live without was WATERMELON!! Costco was my best friend! I could eat a whole watermelon to myself in a day…no joke! Rock couldn’t believe it!! We were going to Costco sometime 3 times a week to get watermelons! Ha ha

The first thought I had when I met Lex was, ” Wow.. This is a miracle!!! ” I remember feeling overwhelmed by joy and my stomach was filled with butterflies!! My whole body was trembling and I remember thinking…” This is unbelievable….” I had never felt this happy until that day! Every time I talk or even think about that moment, I get emotional…:) It was truly the best feeling!!!

As for the baby item I couldn’t live without is definitely my video baby monitor!! Lex started having severe reflux after 2 weeks…Poor him! Crying, chocking, vomiting, when he was being fed!! We had to elevate the crib mattress and we rolled up blankets for him not to slide on the sides and to the bottom of the crib!! As you know, this is not safe to have in a crib! I would constantly wake up during the middle of the night, to see if he was okay and I would always find him at the bottom of the crib all curled up! I was NOT sleeping..until we got this video baby monitor! Oh what a difference it made! I still wake up often, but instead of getting up, walking to his bedroom, I just look at my monitor and I see that he’s fine and go right back to sleep! I could NEVER live without it now!

Finally, it’s cruel to ask me which pictures are my favourite! We LOVE LOVE every single picture…!! The one that we are outside at Centenial Park and Matt took the picture between the trees…We are looking at each other and we are forehead to forehead…We love it!! We also love the one in the studio where we are sitting down and looking at each other! As for Lex’s photo shoot…oh this is a hard one! We cannot stop looking at the picture where he is laying on the beige blanket on his stomach! However, there is one picture that my family and friends cannot stop talking about ! The picture of Lex and I where I hold him against my face and Lex has his eyes open too…I must admit that this picture is very special to me!! When I look at this picture, I can see PRIDE, JOY AND LOVE in my eyes…This picture tells it all!!!

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