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Stephanie+Alex// Married

As rain drops trailed lazily down her window, Stephanie got a sweet text from her older brother the morning of her wedding; it said simply “a wet knot is harder to untie.” After a few misty eyed tears at the sentiment, Stephanie wiped them away and was able to be so positive about the weather, and at the end of the night she admitted in her speech that the day was perfect and there was nothing she would change.
The rain hadn’t mattered-it hadn’t taken away from the beautiful first look where they got to see each other before the wedding, and talk, hug and calm their nerves before saying their vows.  It even added to their ceremony at le Teraz; the guests were cozily tucked under the veranda and drops pitter pattered into the pool just behind the bride and groom as they promised to love and honour each other for life. It provided a romantic pièce de résistance as they danced their first dance barefoot on the soaked deck showered with the nature’s hushed applause.  It was probably not what Stephanie and Alex had imagined but perfect nonetheless!
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