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While the wind whipped, and hues of dark blue and grey painted the cloud-filled sky, the dim day could do nothing to diminish the bright and cheerful mood inside a cozy cottage in Cocagne.  The girls were buzzing with excitement, smiles, laughter a few happy tears as they prepared for the ceremony; and as each detail of the day was revealed, you could see how much hope, happiness and love was put into the whole wedding.  

Vanessa and Ben are so sweet and genuinely swoon-worthily in love. Through their entire ceremony I melted a little: from the moment Vanessa walked in, Ben was overtaken with emotion, as the wedding progressed they would give each other little hand squeezes of encouragement; they weren’t afraid to sneak a quick kiss, and Vanessa adorably adjusted Ben’s bow tie; but my absolute favourite was the way Ben looked at Vanessa the whole day.  I would catch him just looking at her adoringly during the ceremony; he would sneak a glance, and you could tell he was awed by her beauty and so happy to be marrying her.   The rest of the day he kept it up, sneaking these sweet looks at his bride, and it did my overly mushy and romantic heart good – I can just tell you, Vanessa, that you are and will be so extremely well loved!!

Not only were these two adorable and so in love and easy to photograph, but they also braved freezing weather and hurricane-like winds, bravely hugging and smiling through the whole thing!! You two are just treasures. We loved your wedding, and we loved photographing the two of you. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding and blessings for an amazing marriage Vanessa and Ben!!  ~Chera

Photographer : Yorke Photography 
Makeup Artist : Bastarache Beauty
Hair Stylist : Mila Beauty Salon
Bouquet / Flowers : Imagination Decor
Wedding Dress : Morilee
Decorator : Imagination Decor
Cake : Little Cakes by Monique
Live Band : Big Party Band



Buds just begging to bloom, songs birds sweetly announcing the season’s change, and the soft sun’s light shining down on all of flowering perfection… these are of course signs of spring, but even more they are wonderful signs that wedding season is here again.

We loved photographing Ryan and Marie-Claude’s beautiful wedding; their adorable daughter, Ryan’s subtle and genuine romantic sweetness, Marie’s stunningly gorgeous Bella Promessa dress, the deepest of blue skies, and the loveliest fragrant lily bouquet were all of the most perfect ingredients for a spectacular day.  We couldn’t have had a better start to wedding season if we tried!!  And a special thanks to the wonderful folks at the Cocoa Room for their hospitality, stunning location, and their ability to create such a truly warm and beautiful ambience!

Photographer : Yorke Photography
Venue : The Cocoa Room
Makeup Artist : Belle by Joelle
Hair Stylist : Amy Barter
Bouquet / Flowers : The Cocoa Room
Wedding Dress : Allure Bridal / Bella Promessa

01The girls were pampered pre-ceremony by the wonderful Belle by Joelle and the talented Amy Barter hair stylist.


I am simply and utterly a hopeless romantic; I hold a beautiful degree in English Literature that represents countless hours lost in swoon-worthy prose, achingly beautiful poetry, and lines rhymed or unrhymed all dedicated to a certain topic of which I have still never tired – Love.  My eyes have searched over millions of words both modern and archaic some employing rhythm, metaphor, allusion all in a muddle trying to sort out the idea and the perfect description of It.  I swear I never tire of the topic, and I never stop looking for it.  There is no cynicism to be had here.  I believe in happy endings and two souls who want to sit on a porch watching the sunset at the end of a long day…..a long life.  So there you have it, I guess my love ideal is a shared porch swing and two weathered hands that always reach out for each other knowing that the one who holds your hand hold your heart and there is no safer place to be in the world.

And I guess I have done all of that rambling to say that even though I can’t describe or perfectly articulate my thoughts on love, I am a bit of an expert at recognizing it…be that on a page or in real life.  And what I have seen between Jody and Sarah makes me overjoyed, because they have found It.  They way Jody smiles at his girl and the way she smiles back radiates the love and respect that will see them through to their porch swing days.

Watching Sarah look at Jody, the verse in Song of Solomon came to mind for her: “I have found the one whom my soul loves” –  Sarah, I know you have found him, and lucky you he is a Newfy to boot.  Blessings to you both, and may you live a life well loved!!


These two are so sweet, in love, and such a hardworking team!  I loved getting to know them, getting to capture their love story before the i do’s and on their beautiful wedding day too.  They are such a treat and from start to finish it was just such a joy to be around them!! Mélanie and Pascal, felicitation!!


Sophie should be a wedding planner, her day was that beautiful!  There were so many thoughtful and hand picked details that were just beautiful, from Tiffany’s charms for her maid of honour, a personalized colouring book that had a cartoon version of all of the bridal party, to the stunning cathedral veil and the girls’ romantic blush lace and chiffon dresses, everything was picture perfect.  Sophie was such a sweet, smiley, stunningly beautiful bride and her whole day elegant and altogether lovely!!

Sophie and Dan, your day was simply stunning, thank you so much for letting us be part of it!!  It was also a treat to work with the incredibly talented Belle by Joelle whose lovely make up made everyone feel perfectly polished, we also got to work with Shawn of Designer’s Den who did a stunning job on the flowers and decor, and Nick Wilson videography who we always love working with to tell the story of the wedding!!


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