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The day of Suzie and Marc’s wedding could not have been more beautiful. This wedding was such a joy-filled, love-filled, and tear-filled day.  The sun gave us the most beautiful light to work with, and the couple couldn’t have been more kind!!

Susie and Marc you two are too sweet!! We loved spending the day with you and your beautiful wedding party!!


This day and these people were kind and warm and wonderful!  Smiles and tears easily mingled as Madelaine and Brad’s love was celebrated by their closest friends and family.

Madelaine and Brad, your wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful; they way you two love each other is inspiring, and I am so happy we had the chance to spend the day with you capturing it!


Janelle and Nathan’s day was just so bright and happy!!  Every detail chosen was beautiful, everyone around was so full of smiles and joy; it was simply a delight to photograph their wedding!  Instead of going into too much detail writing about how beautiful their day is, I am going to get straight to showing you their beautiful images, enjoy!!

Janelle and Nathan, thank you so much for being up for anything and for being such kind wonderful people!!


  • Helen Nichols - October 7, 2016 - 9:55 am

    Matt &Chera, as I admire the beautiful photos, the settings, the handsome and pretty bridal parties, guess what I am thinking? The wedding photos of 50-60 years ago. The quality was good but, oh so stiff and formal. I know, I was there. Keep up the good work and I love seeing them and you when you are in Truro.
    Cheers, Helen

It was so amazing to be around Krystle and Mark; two things were clear from hanging out with them on their wedding day  1.) That they love their family and friends fiercely and 2.) They knew how to have an amazing time!!    There were so many hugs, laughs, shots, tears, and newfangled social media awesomeness (boomerang’s anyone?).   The dramatic grey clouds and impending rain did not put a damper on the amazing day they were able to have the outdoor wedding they dreamed of, and the rain even held off for us enough to get a few amazing couple photos including one of my new all time favourite sky images (great job Matt: )!!

Krystle and Mark, thank you for letting us spend time with you on your fun, emotion, and love filled day!! You two are gems, and you both have such big hearts; you promised that your wedding would be beyond fun, and you delivered!!








We are so excited to be driving up to Rothesay to photograph Jennifer and Patrick’s wedding today!!   We so wanted to connect and photograph their engagement photos this summer but the weather kept seeming to get in our way and after a few cancellations we decided to pick a date and stick with it….and then on the date we had settled on it seemed like it was going to have the worst weather of all the previous days.  Matt was optimistic the whole time even though the weather seemed to be pretty dreary, ok more than dreary…. I mean terrible, as in low visibility and pounding rain as we were driving to the studio.  But still Matthew had a good feeling so we decided to go through with the shoot (and Jennifer and Pat had come all the way from Saint John so we wanted to at least try to go for some beautiful shots)!!   I am so glad Matt went with his intuition as we were able to go for some neat urban portraits and even used a puddle for one of the photos, and then the sun came out and gave us the most beautiful light to work with.

Jennifer and Patrick, thank for braving the crazy weather and for being up for an adventure to take some beautiful images with us; you two are so lovely, and we can’t wait to see what kind of magic is going to happen on this your beautiful wedding day!!!


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