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I don’t even know how to begin to introduce you to Melanie, we photographed her wedding almost three years ago, and she is just the sweetest.  I mean really, she is so cute I just want to send her notes….you know the kind made out of purple construction paper; I would use crayon and do an acronym using the letters in her name M-marvelous, E-elegant (but then I would get stuck on “e” choosing between elegant and effervescent and then my indecisiveness would turn to procrastination, and I wouldn’t send the note, and it would get lost in a pile some where), she is thoughtful and lovely and from her very first email introducing herself to us , I was hooked!  She was bubbly, so in love, and every time I saw her email address pop up in my inbox, I just wanted to squeeze her in a big hug (and that was while she was a million miles away living in Ontario).  We had so much fun on her lovely wedding day, and I just wished my new found friend would move home to the maritimes, and as luck would have it, she did!  And the story gets even better; this year, we had booked so many amazing weddings and portrait shoots we wanted to make sure our bookings, emails and scheduling were all taken care professionally and in a timely organized and personalized manner, and so we got the bright idea to ask her to be our office manager…..and she accepted!! It was one of the best business decisions we have ever made, she is so amazing we just had to share her with our clients!!  So I introduce to you Melanie our office manager, this title seems too formal for the friendly engaging personality that she is, so we thought it would be awesome if you get to know here a little better too!  She is going to be blogging from time to time about her role as the maid of honour in her sister’s wedding; so without further adieu, welcome Melanie in her first post on the blog!!




Today is a very important day. It marks one year until my baby sister Erica’s wedding. There are 365 sweet days left for her to be a fiancé and for me to tackle the role of Maid of Honour.

I’m creeping up on my three year anniversary in a few days and I was very blessed to have my other younger sister, Jessica, as Maid of Honour for that day.  She was just perfect and I want to make sure I rise to the occasion for Erica. (Long ago the three of us decided we would swap turns as MOH for each other.)

As we hit this one year mark I am starting to prepare and think about what it means to be a “modern day” Maid of Honour. According to over 50% of couples will undertake a DIY project such as making their own centrepieces, reception décor or guest favours for weddings this year (almost double the number from last year). * This is likely in large part due to the increase in popularity of sites such as Pinterest where we can see so many beautiful DIY ideas with one simple click.

What does this mean for us Maids of Honour this year? It means our role is growing too. Who do you think helps make all these DIY projects (besides all those super crafty grooms of course)?

With such a changing social landscape the following are some other additional things to think about for the Modern Maid of Honour:

·      Set boundaries with the bride on what is and is not socially shareable. When you know early on, you can avoid bloopers such as sharing pictures of dress hunting or invitation making before the bride wants them shared.

·      Be ready to take part in her secret board on Pinterest. If you aren’t a member of Pinterest yet and you are planning a wedding or helping to plan one, either avoid it all together or dive right in and go crazy. There are tonnes of great ideas but it can also be highly addictive and have you wanting to work on DIY projects until your hands cramp up.

·      Get connected online to the bridesmaids. (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) It’s a great to make sure they aren’t spilling any wedding secrets that the bride wants to keep. It’s also an excellent way to develop secret party plans without the bride knowing.


the photo above is from Melanie’s wedding, with her sisters Erica (left) and Jessica (right)


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