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    Matthew and I just celebrated 5 years of marriage and have been shooting weddings and portraits for over five years. We have this amazing connection in life where we just get each other and get moments that are meaningful to others. I could tell you more about us, but I'd rather show you some of our work! Thanks for stopping by!

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Liam // Newborn

Smiles, snuggles and happiness emanated from this family.  Everything fell into place with ease and there was timeless simplicity to the morning.  Little Liam cooperated incredibly with the poses and his adoring big sister so tenderly held and kissed her sweet brother.  I loved capturing a little bit of this family’s story, and it didn’t hurt to be acoustically serenaded by Liam’s talented daddy while we worked!

Thanks to the Martin family for a wonderful time in the studio. Your family is absolutely precious!

Our Canvas

Matthew, thank you so much for the canvas print on our living room wall.  It is tangible proof of our love.  It proves more than the smile I gave to you in our wedding photo upstairs, the one where I easily look up at you with such youth, and promise and sweetness.

This canvas is in the tones we love, printed by your uncle and stretched onto a deep wooden frame by your farther’s craftsman hands.  The image was taken after four years of marriage, five years of running a business together, two (and a half) university degrees, one beautiful pregnancy, an incredible birth, and 16 months of sleep-blearied, happy-eyed parenthood. In this photograph you show your steadfastness, one hand holding onto the trolley, the other supportive hand on my lower back, you are leaning in to kiss me, which I appreciate so much more now that I truly know you and your dislike of showing affection publicly. You are perfectly you in your black shirt and your handsome grin, and there we are in love, about to kiss, our love still magical, still evident.

We had thought about printing a photo for a long time….years, and we could never decide, and then you surprised me, and printed it and placed it on on our wall.  I saw it from outside as I was coming back from a night out with girlfriends. I stopped mid. sentence. and ran in the house to kiss you.  It was beautiful and right in the heart of our home. I look at it often.  When we are happy and snuggling on the love seat, when I have just spoken too harshly to you after a long day, When I see you dance with our tutu clad daughter to her favourite song,  when I am dusting or daydreaming. The picture reminds me that no matter what event, or stress, or decision comes our way we are a team.  I look at that image, and I know we are ok, we are more than ok…we were and are in love!

photo credit to Patrick O’Conner

Jessica+Kevin // engagement

The spring sun dipped low as we began to shoot.  The newness of their engagement played on their smiles and their eyes communicated the fresh unity of shared dreams, faith, hopes, and plans.  Kevin and Jessica had gotten engaged just days before and the power and beauty of this shared promise seemed to emanate from them.

 I loved the sweet playfulness of this shoot and the moments that were captured. Someday with greying hair and time etched hands they will hold these photos and the crows feet by their eyes will deepen as they smile and remember a time they walked together hand in hand, their bare feet touching the soft cool green of spring’s newest grass.

Melanie+Ryan // engagement

Confession time – I have been a grumpy, growly person about all of this recent snowy weather.  Looking out the window at the piles of snow, my poor broken snow shovel, the mounds of clothing, hats, kits, ski pants, and snow shoes taking up too much room cluttering up my entry way.  The frigid temperatures have made me resist bundling my girls up to actually go outside to play, but today I realized I needed to “let it go” and “go and build a snowman” so we did it (grumbly at first), we went and built a snow man and climbed the ten to twelve foot drifts and then promptly slid down those drifts, and we enjoyed the beauty of the snow covered world, and the extra packiness of the snow that makes perfect snowmen and leaves you with those satisfyingly rosy cheeks and with clothes so sopping you can’t spend another minute outside, and leaves yours fingers with that just-can’t-wait-to-wrap-your-fingers-around-a-cup-of-hot-chocolate feeling.  It reminded me of a winter walk that we took with Anna (our then two year old) who was riding on her daddy’s shoulders, she threw off her mittens, spread her arms out with each finger spread as wide as she could, and she closed her eyes and smiled up at the sky….I asked what she was doing, and in a voice that seemed surprised that I didn’t know, she said “I just needed to feel the wind.”  Today was that kind of day for me…I needed to get out and feel the wind and see the ice and snow cracking off the trees and see buds on my rose bush despite it being almost immersed in icy snow and hear the persistent drips of water melt off my eaves, drumming to the quiet rhythm of the coming spring.

Now that my winter mood is slightly improved, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these sweet winter images with you!  Melanie and Ryan are our wonderful clients getting married this year; we took these photos on a lovely winter day last season.  We had so much fun going to locations that were special to them….even doing a few shots in the school bus that they used to ride together in high school! Looking through these shots makes me so excited for their wedding later this year and makes me wonder why we didn’t blog these sooner!!
Happy snow day!
I love this last shot of them re-enacting their first kiss on Melanie’s parents’ doorstep.

Sarah+Dan // Winter Engagement

The temperature was beyond crisp, but somehow their love, their energy and their sense of fun defied the cold, and we were able to get these beautiful images full of warm looks, love, and laughter.

Sarah and Dan – I had almost too much fun photographing you!  Thanks for braving the freezing temperatures, coming up with awesome ideas, and laughing at my horrible jokes! I can’t wait for your wedding; it makes me giddy just thinking about it!!
p.s. thank you to the talented Sarah-Jane of Bastarache Beauty for doing a beautiful job on Sarah’s make up!!
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