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Tim+Danielle // married

The beginning of a story…..a story that starts with a warm breeze and sun beams playing games with an apple tree, of blue skies and cumulous marshmallow clouds stretching over her childhood field. The story is etched in by smiling friends holding onto beautiful dreams and details, lovingly placing them according to the wedding design. The beautiful characters, Tim and Danielle, meet in this field – she taps him on the shoulder and he turns to her; with smiles, tears, laughter, dancing and a sweet kiss they begin their day…

Tim was overwhelmed by Danielle’s beauty and the pure joy of the moment, and you could tell she delighted in his love and reaction.  Catching a few extra snuggles and even a bit of prayer, they were joined by friends and more laughter.  Their wedding day was perfectly them, the beautiful outdoor ceremony blessed with sun complete with songs, paintings, prayer, and so many other touches that were such expressions of who and what Tim and Danielle love and how loved they are by family and friends.

Timmy and Danielle – it was amazing to share your day.  In so many ways seeing you two and your relationship is like looking into a mirror of Matthew and me.  I promise you will have so many adventures and joy in your new and beautiful life together. I know if you are anything like us, sometimes he’ll say too few words and you’ll say too many – but hold onto each other and, Danielle, read between the lines – Yorke boys are kind, loyal, and immeasurably sweet, you will live a life well loved!

Our sweet girls loving the dance floor : )

Heikki Korppi - August 22, 2014 - 4:34 am

Thank you for this. I am so happy for you and Danielle’s behalf. God bless you all.

Baby Sarah // Newborn

Sweet baby Sarah came to visit our studio and was just a dream – she slept, smiled, and snuggled her way into my heart!

The other neat thing about Sarah coming to visit was we got to catch up with her parents.  They are wonderful friends of ours we met at one of our fabulous Fredericton weddings – Nick is a wedding and commercial videographer.  He is the talented artist who created our beautiful newborn promotional video (which you can see here) – after you look at Sarah’s photos you should go watch it – so cute!!!
Holly and Nick – you two are so sweet, and it was wonderful to see you in your new role as parents beginning your family.  You are a wonderful team, and Sarah is so blessed to have you as her Mommy and Daddy!!
Watch the newborn video by clicking here! 


Sarah is sweet and bubbly, and I have been looking forward to her wedding for ages… and Sarah+Dan together are just the best – I laugh so much when I am with them it hurts!!

Their wedding was beautiful with so many lovely details and sweet touches; a lot of planning, thought, and love went into making this day perfect!  From the moment we started, everyone was all smiles and full of squeals – that happiness lasted the whole day.  Sarah and Dan, from start to finish your day was amazing, thank you for including us in your beautiful day!!

Stacy Squires Photography - July 7, 2014 - 5:00 pm

your wedding photos are fantastic

Erica+Mike // Married

This day was sweet from the very beginning.  As soon as we pulled up to Erica’s house the door swung open, and we were greeted with cute waves from Erica and her MOH Melanie.  It continued to be an endearing day as we got to capture the bridesmaids practicing their walk down the aisle, Erica dressing her sweet newborn nephew, the rosary on the deck keeping away the rain, and the sweet pouts of the cutest little (under the weather) ring bearer.  Joy filled the house, and I couldn’t believe this beautiful day that I had been looking forward to had finally arrived (I love Erica and her whole family, I have basically adopted them: )

The church was full of smiling people and despite the forecast of rain, sun spilled through the stained glass windows.  Holding her father’s arm, she made her way to a beaming Mike as the harpist played their song; It all felt very ethereal.  The ceremony was happy and heartfelt, and I melted when Mike would reach up and wipe Erica’s tears away.
Every aspect of the day – the getting ready, the promise, the picture time, the reception – everything was just lovely!  Erica, you managed to make your elegant day look effortless, each detail coming together exactly how you described and dreamed it.  You and Mike and are fun and so adorable together, thanks for letting us photograph your love and your beautiful wedding day!!
beautiful dress : Bella Promessa ( )
bouquet and decor : DS&Co ( )
wedding planner : Julie leblanc, Erica Miller, Melanie Thompson aka the dream wedding committee : )

p.s.  We were also super excited to collaborate with Design Studio and Company to create a stylized after shoot a few weeks after the wedding. They made a beautiful bouquet, and boutonniere, and a lovely table display inspired by Erica’s decor.  I love that Tosha and her team were up for anything-even bringing beautiful chandeliers to hang from the trees.    Erica had really wanted to get beautiful photos with some specially ordered large balloons on her wedding day and had a hard time finding a place that could fill them-so I called around after the wedding and found out that Lloyd’s of Moncton could do it!  I asked Erica if she wanted to dress up again, and she was up for the fun and who am I kidding I wanted an extra chance to hang out with her and Mike before they made the big move to Edmonton (Mike plays for the Edmonton Eskimos and the season is starting up again).  Erica, Mike, Tosha and team – thanks for being up for anything to make even more beautiful photos-it was so much fun!!

*special thanks to April for being an amazing hostess and letting us explore your beautiful property!!

Tara - June 4, 2014 - 5:38 pm

I LOVE IT ALL! Especially the stylized shoot! And from the couple shots – the first one of them in the birch trees. Gorgeous colours, gorgeous couple. Congrats to you both!


I have been so excited about this wedding all year, I mean ecstatic doesn’t even cover it.  Before I walked into “Made you Blush” – I passed my camera bag to Mitch, our assistant, and said, “I need my hands arms free for all the hugging and squealing that will ensue”.  There are so many amazing moments that I could write about, but I’ll just share my favourite.  As the acoustic guitar played and their song was beautifully sung during their ceremony, I couldn’t help but melt at the way Keltie’s beautiful brown eyes held Steven’s, her smile unwavering.

Keltie and Steven, your day was filled with so much laughter, music and the best family you could ever ask for! We were blessed to have spent the day celebrating your marriage; we wish you all the best!!

Ann Bramble - May 15, 2014 - 1:11 am

Beautiful pictures, wedding, people! Blessings to you as you begin your life together.

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