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Lara+Derek // Married

It was his annual christmas party where he spotted her, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He found the courage to go and talk to her and from that day their beautiful love story unfolded. Lara and Derek’s love has taken them from sweet dates star gazing by Shediac’s beautiful tides, to an exciting move together across the pond and then to their most perfect wedding day blessed with sun and so much happiness.
I smiled as I watched Derek take in how lovely his bride was as she walked down the aisle, and then again as I saw how Derek’s natural inclination was to hold Lara’s hand and to kiss her cheek every available chance he had — you, Lara, are simply cherished and adored, and I can tell that you reciprocate those feelings!!
From your beautiful dress, to your Jimmy Choo’s, your touching ceremony, to using the same decorator your parents had used 39 years before for their special day, each detail was so lovingly chosen and perfectly timeless! We wish you so much love and laughter in your marriage; thank you for including us in your lovely day!

Beth+Ben // Married

The Acadia campus with its mature trees and beautiful architecture cozied so close to a charming town and breathtaking countryside was the perfect spot for Beth and Ben to meet and fall in love.  This sweet idyllic start gave way to many moves and lots of adventures as studies and careers took them to Newfoundland, Moncton, and Halifax and all along they were each other’s constants.  And one very ordinary day in their beautiful new home in the company of their adorable puppy, Ben asked Beth to be his wife. The proposal was sweet and simple and just perfect, and it was that moment which brought them to their wedding day in beautiful Pointe Du Chene.  Each detail was lovely down to the added glitter on her shoes, champagne bottles, and wedding signs, the location was meaningful nearby her aunt’s cottage next a field of wild flowers, the tying of the knot ceremony was touching, and the tent and decor stunning.  Beth and Ben thank you for including us in your gorgeous day. It was a delight to capture the details and moments as you, your friends and family celebrated your beautiful marriage!


My heart was a bit tight in my chest as I wondered, “What if we drive an hour to the shoot and it down pours? what if the wind wrecks her hair? what if we disappoint these two amazing people with photos ruined by bad weather?! what if the light dies before we get to the beach?”….and then we met up with this incredible couple who were all smiles, ready for an evening on the water with snacks and wine, and magic happened as one of my most favourite summer nights unfolded.
These photos came about because Milene and Randy were brave despite the ominous clouds earlier in the day, and the whipping wind they decided to go for their engagement shoot.  We went with the plan of going boating to the dunes, one of this lovely couple’s favourite spots in the world and come what may, we would have a photo adventure!
Milene, Randy and their crew were up for anything and when Matt pointed out the spot he thought would be photogenic, they went with it. We had so much fun shooting, we were forced out of our creative box (I [Chera] even tried off camera lighting). We were inspired by these two and their love, and we had one of the most invigorating and incredible nights of the summer and one of our most favourite shoots ever!  When we were coming home, we had no idea what we had gotten photographically, but we had all worked like a team, and I think the final product blew us all away.  I guess I can sum up my ramblings with a thank you- Milene and Randy, you chose to go for it to see where the water would take us and to trust that that it would all be worth it, you saw the clouds as a gift of an awesome backdrop – if this is how you two weather storms together, I know you’ll have an incredible adventure together in life!!
San Diego Wedding Photography - September 13, 2014 - 12:08 pm

They are obviously in-love with each other. Good shots!


So, I know it is ok to post these photos of a beautiful couple enjoying a late October day because today I noticed Starbucks announcing a pumpkin spice latte…..I know right! Clear evidence that it is almost fall, at least by fancy yummy drink calendar standards.  Also, Beth and Ben are getting married really soon and I couldn’t withhold their beautiful images from my lovely blog readers -these two and their sweet fur baby Finn are incredibly adorable!!

Beth and Ben, your engagement photo shoot was so much fun and you two were absolute troopers during the very chilly post-rain afternoon!  The way you laughed together and were so happy in each other’s arms makes me incredibly excited for your wedding day -I can hardly wait!!


SF City Hall weddings - October 12, 2014 - 9:57 am

Wonderful photos… That last two shots were amazing! Perfect lightings.

Tim+Danielle // married

The beginning of a story…..a story that starts with a warm breeze and sun beams playing games with an apple tree, of blue skies and cumulous marshmallow clouds stretching over her childhood field. The story is etched in by smiling friends holding onto beautiful dreams and details, lovingly placing them according to the wedding design. The beautiful characters, Tim and Danielle, meet in this field – she taps him on the shoulder and he turns to her; with smiles, tears, laughter, dancing and a sweet kiss they begin their day…

Tim was overwhelmed by Danielle’s beauty and the pure joy of the moment, and you could tell she delighted in his love and reaction.  Catching a few extra snuggles and even a bit of prayer, they were joined by friends and more laughter.  Their wedding day was perfectly them, the beautiful outdoor ceremony blessed with sun complete with songs, paintings, prayer, and so many other touches that were such expressions of who and what Tim and Danielle love and how loved they are by family and friends.

Timmy and Danielle – it was amazing to share your day.  In so many ways seeing you two and your relationship is like looking into a mirror of Matthew and me.  I promise you will have so many adventures and joy in your new and beautiful life together. I know if you are anything like us, sometimes he’ll say too few words and you’ll say too many – but hold onto each other and, Danielle, read between the lines – Yorke boys are kind, loyal, and immeasurably sweet, you will live a life well loved!

Our sweet girls loving the dance floor : )

Heikki Korppi - August 22, 2014 - 4:34 am

Thank you for this. I am so happy for you and Danielle’s behalf. God bless you all.

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