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Melanie // 7 Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping and One for the Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the first tasks for a Maid of Honour is usually the dress selection process. Mom, some of the bridesmaids and I have been out looking for dresses with my little sister a few times now. Having been through the process myself and now with my wonderful little sister who knows what she wants more than any person I know, I think I have rounded up a few good tips to help make the process fun and smooth.

1.      She looks gorgeous- always. Remind her with each dress.

2.     Speak up with concerns/feedback. Even though she’s always gorgeous don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t working. If possible, always blame it on the dress.

3.     At least one crazy dress try-on per dress appointment is a must. In most cases this will be the only time in her life she will try on wedding dresses. Make sure she tries something on that’s not at all what she’s looking for or that everyone thinks is a bit crazy just for fun.

4.     No complaining – no matter what. She tried the same dress on 5 times but as far as she knows you are still having so much fun!

5.     Capture the moments. If she will let you, Bring a camera or video camera to capture the process and fun with the people present. Of course you won’t share until after the wedding, but it’s a great moment to capture.

6.     Beware of stepping on mom’s toes- many moms have dreamt of this moment with their daughter since they were born. Don’t steal it from them.

7.     Remember the details. Does she love a dress but forget that in the dead of summer she will probably melt into a puddle in it? Try to think of all the details she might forget when staring at her beautiful reflection in a stunning dress.

8.    You will wear ANYTHING. When it comes to bridesmaid dresses you will wear whatever she asks- remember it’s not about you. (And someday maybe she will return the favour).

Of course not all of these will apply for every bride and some of them are kind of silly, but where applicable I hope they help.  Remember, no matter what everyone is wearing, a couple in love shines beautifully.




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